Advanced Firearms Training 

for the

Protective Services Industry

 Undoubtedly, Executive Protection is a dangerous profession. You are often surrounded by all types of hazards. Sometimes those hazards necessitate the need for the highest level of proficiency with a firearm.

Are you practiced and knowledgeable enough to keep not only yourself but your clents safe from harm and litigation?

Our "specialized" firearms training seminars focuses on safety, proficiency and legal liability issues as well as helping to make you proficient in:

  1. Draw and Fire From Concealment
  2. Discriminating Shooting
  3. Firing on the Run
  4. Malfunction Drills
  5. High Speed Shooting
  6. Shooting at Moving Targets
  7. Stress Fire Shooting
  8. Firearms Selection & Safety
  9. Shoot Don't Shoot Scenarios
  10. Shot Placement
  11. Accuarcy Skills
  12. Draw and Fire Exercises

Just to name a few of our training modules. We can customize additional training modulesto meet the clients specific threats/

All of our training is conducted by United States Certified Firearms Instructors and SWAT Team Trainers with many years of experience in High-Risk/High Speed Training.

If you or your team needs to get current with the most recent proceedures, please feel free to contact us directly  by email at: 

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