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2-Day Executive Protection Officers Training Seminar

To be Held in June, 2014 in Boston, MA. USA-NO VACANCY

3-Day Executive Protection Officers Training 


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Location: US, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Haiti

                            *2,3 4,5,7, 10, & 14-Day Courses Available


$750.00 SPECIAL DEAL $750.00 

2-Days of Executive Protection Officers Training


This is a Hands-On basic course of training specializing in US Corporate Style Executive Protection Tactics & Techniques.
Our two day class is ideal for those wishing to seek training in the exclusive field of Executive Protection Services or as a refresher course for those about to embark on an assignment.
During this class the attendees will be presented with our proprietary training to help prepare them to be a functioning member of a Close Protection Team. Our training is based on uniformity and practicality to make it easier for trainees to assimilate into established teams or to create a team of their own. We specialize in Corporate Style Executive Protection.
Day One Class segments will include:
Introduction to the Industry
Vocabulary of the EPS
Overview Of the EP Industry
Defensive Tactics for EP
Weapons Retention
Takedown Tactics
Team Dynamics
Protective Formations
Choreoraphy of a EP Team
Etiquette & Protocol
Legal Liability for the EPS
Principals of Advance Work
Working the Principal
Day Two (Intensive Hands-On) Class Segments will include: Recap +
Dissecting Assaults & Attempts
Walking the Principal
Role Playing
Protection Scenarios
Working a Team
Cover & Evac Drills
Advanced Live Fire Drills
Our Three Day Training Class includes the Above and the Medical Training listed below.

Day Three (Emergency Medical Care for the Protection Professional) will include:
1st Aid, CPR, Blood Bourne Pathogens
Emergency Wound Care
Splinting & Transport Care
Critical Incident Prevention
Our Five Day Advanced Officers Training will include:
Day Four (Advanced Weapons Training for the Protection Professional)
Attendees for this segment must supply their own weapons (Local Rental Available)
Real-Life Simulation and Live Fire Training
Attendees must be already skilled in weapons handling. Let us know if you need introductory training.
(Those not taking the Firearms portion will be substituted with advance work training and identifying IED's)
Day Five (Defensive Tactics for the Protection Professional) GRADUATION DAY!
Requires intense physical participation from the attendees.
Includes role-playing scenarios and ground fighting techniques
Eye and Hearing protection is also available for those that are range qualified.
Attendees should wear loose comfortable clothes for day one. A sturdy belt and holster is needed for a lot of the training so please bring them with you. (No Shoulder or Ankle Holsters Please)
Firearms are not necessary for this Course. If you are not well seasoned in the use of side arms and cannot present with confidence and competency you will not be allowed to participate in the live fire training.,
If you feel you need basic firearms safety and proficiency training prior to this seminar please call me and training will be set up for you for a fee.
Attendees who successfully complete this course will be awarded a "Certificate of Attendance" at the end of the training.
Recruiters from at least two companies will be auditing this course.
Please bear in mind that (although we provide a safe environment), just like a real-life assault this course is not for the timid. You will train in your everyday gear. It is a hands on, very physical training course and like a real life or death encounter you may acquire a bruise or display sore muscles or need to catch your breath afterwards.
If you have injuries or your condition is one that would keep from playing a physical sport you probably need "Conditioning Training" before attempting this particular training.
This course requires your professional participation to maintain a safe and suitable learning experience for all. Please do not engage in any physical training program without consulting with (and receiving approval from) a Doctor first.
*Does not include range or ammunition fees.

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