Whether you are looking to begin a career in the Executive Protection Industry or you are a seasoned veteran seeking re-fresher training prior to deployment we are your solution.

We offer training in the following:

  • Advanced Executive Protection Officer Training
  • Executive & High Risk Employee Terminations
  • Charter School Security
  • Vessel/Cargo Security
  • Oil Field Security
  • Protecting Harbors/Seaport Security
  • Sporting Event Security
  • Estate Security
  • Convoy Security
  • Anti-Stalking
  • Anti-Kidnapping
  • Emergency Response Team Training (ERT)
  • Police (SWAT) Team Training
  • Municipal Police Training 
  • Active Intruder Response
  • Counter Surveillance Measures
  • Advance Work/Route Planning
  • Threat Assessment/Risk Analysis
  • Target Hardening/Crime Prevention
  • Corporate Take-Over Security
  • Security Surveys/Contingency Planning
  • Legal Liability Issues
  • Self Defense Tactics for the Executive
  • (HR 218) Law Enforcement Nationwide Carry Certification
  • Law Enforcement Aircraft Carry Certification
  • Travel Security
  • Ground Fighting Techniques for Security, Corrections & Police
  • Defensive Tactics for the Protection Officer
  • Weapons Retention/Disarming Tactics
  • Firearms Safety/Personal Protection
  • Advanced Firearms/Livefire Training
  • 1st Aid/CPR BBP for the Security Industy
  • Chemical Weapons Certification
  • Close Cover Travel Techniques
  • Investigation Tactics & Techniques
  • Surveillance 101 & 102
  • Live Fire/Shoot Don't Shoot Scenarios for EP
  • High-Speed Vehicle Assault 
  • How to Conduct Safety Patrols
  • Professional Security Officer Training (Levels I,II,III)
  • Pub-Club Security Training
  • and more
Our training consists of classroom, real-life hands-on, reality based scenarios which may include the use of videos and props and requires a professional attitude and physical participation from the attendees.


 Our Firearms Training includes:


  How to Protect a Principal

  • Safe handling and carry of firearms in a simulated Executive Protection Environment.
  • Reloading effectively under stress.
  • Malfunction Drills.
  • Shooting on the Move.
  • Using a firearm in a populated environment without endangering others.
  • How to effectively place shots in a reduced light environment.
  • Shoot/Don’t Shoot Scenarios
  • How to, or Not Engage multiple attackers
  • Cover and Evacuate Techniques
  • Fast Action Target Acquisition 
  • Weapons & Holster Selection
  • Weapons Retention & Recovery
  • Draw & Fire Exercises
  • Attack Scenarios
  • Retreat Scenarios
  • Fast Action/Stress Fire drills
  • Drawing from Concealment
  • and more.

      If you are a company or individual looking to hire executive protection services please feel free to give us a call as we have affiliates worldwide that can match you with the services and individuals you need. 


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Notifying a troubled individual that they are about to lose their job is one of the most dangerous situations  an HR or security professional can face today.

For the safety and security of yourself and your co-workers

ask us about our specialized training in

Terminating "High-Risk" Employees

Only available at EPTI

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